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Over the past 20 years care delivery and financing have been in a state of change, but no more so than what we are seeing today. 20 years ago the skilled nursing facility was a medical housing model, a nursing home, in the respect that folks would be admitted in the twilight of their years for “custodial care”, low care level needs and monitoring. They would sell the family home or spend savings on their care and when those funds were gone, they would convert to Medicaid and live out their days in the facility. While to some extent that model is still available, most seniors by-pass the nursing home for this kind of long term low care needs, in favor of a less expensive, more independent environment like an assisted living.


stethToday the nursing home model has been replaced with the skilled nursing facility. Most stays are of shorter duration and not paid directly by the individual. Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicaid are paying the bill from admission to discharge. The requirements of these third party payors are much different as well.

Today the nursing home model has been replaced with the skilled nursing facility. 

 Rather than looking for a facility that would provide a good level of medical care and a place that the individual could live for the rest of their days, payors are more concerned with proven medical care that has predicable outcomes for any given diagnosis. Third party payors want to be able to move the individual through the care settings of hospital, nursing home, and assisted living to get the individual to the lowest cost setting that will at the same time produce positive patient satisfaction feedback. Most of the time the ultimate goal is getting back to the community homestead with intermittent services.

Senior Care Collaborative IPA, LLC. (SCCIPA) is a group of skilled nursing and rehabilitation providers that work together to provide a network of choices to third party payors and their subscribers as they strive to meet the objectives above as well as individual objective. SCCIPA leverages diversity of geography, sponsorship, and clinical strengths to produce choices for the payors and their subscribers that would otherwise be unavailable.

SCCIPA_2C-01SCCIPA members collaborate to share best practices and benchmark their results against the group results and those in their respective communities. Along with seeking the highest level of customer satisfaction, SCCIPA members also strive to work with the payors to minimize stays by keeping them updated with resident condition changes and progress reports while providing the highest quality services.